Saturday, 22 May 2010

Birthdays, BBQ's and Sunshine.

Hello lovelies,

Well firstly I'd like to rejoice that we've been treated to yet another absolutely glorious day of sunshine here and I have to say I'm loving it. Obviously I've done what is the typically British thing to do whenever the sun comes out and turned a little mad with it. The summer clothes have been dug out, all reasonable goals for the day have been abandoned and, in either an optimistic or a completely stupid move, outdoorsy plans for next week have actually started to be made. There's only a slight taint to the sunshine in that I'm worrying a little about how my sugars are going to react, but with a little extra monitoring and altering, I'm determined not to let it put a huge cloud in front of the beauty of the sun. I'm in the garden again, the laptop den set up again, listening to my ipod with a sizeable pile of trashy magazines. Lovely.

I thought I should also document another fairly important date in regards to my diagnosis. My first birthday. My first birthday with diabetes. I've got to say that as far as birthdays go, it wasn't the most exciting occassion, but I guess too much comparison was made to last years big 18th celebrations. My grandma and brother both made failed attempts at baking a sugar free chocolate cake... the birds in our village got a bit of a break from eating bread that week I've got to say. I did have a tiny tiny slice of cake and just avoided the contour meter for a few hours afterwards and I managed a meal out without any major highs or disasters, so all in all diabetes didn't taint my birthday in any big way. I'm not denying that had my pancreas still been fully working for my 19th birthday, then I would have probably hit town with my friends... but to be honest, that's not really the fault of my diabetes, that's still my worries about nights out stopping me. I'm determined that by my 20th birthday I'll be able to let my worries ease a little to let me go out and dance goodbye to my teens. Gosh. 20. It sounds so scary....

In other good birthday related news, I went to a bbq to celebrate my cousin's 16th. My usual 8 units of insulin and lots of grazing later and by hometime I was only a surprisingly low 5.6. It was the icing on top of a very fun night. Although, metaphorical icing of course, real icing would have been a definite no no.

This sunshine and the times it brings with it, like yesterday in the park with the boys, a football, ipod and blanket, is generally making me a bit more relaxed. I fret less about my sugars when I'm relaxed. And also, the sunshine is turning me a nice browned colour... So, all I can say is; please mr sunshine, stay out to play.

Well, it beats my usual plea; "Please Mr pancreas, start working normally again." I think I've well and truly given up on that one by now. ;)

Thanks for reading.



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