Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hello, I'd like to book a holiday please...

Hello again,

Well, I'm pretty sure I've way exceeded some sort of blogging word count etiquette for a week in just yesterdays post... but, unluckily for anyone reading out there, I'm not out of words just yet. So, here it goes, official blog post number two. Get blankets, pillows, some snacks and plenty of coffee at hand... it's going to be another long one.

So, I would like to book a holiday. Unfortunately, I don't think it's the type of holiday that I can pick out of a brochure and go to the travel agents and book. I can just imagine the looks on the faces of the confused travel agents employees if I were to casually stroll in and say...

"Hello, I'd like to book a holiday away from diabetes please..."

Well, obviously in an ultimate fantasy world there would be a magic travel agents that could book me a holiday away from type one, I mean, I'd even settle for a mini break, a long weekend, even just a day away. And, whilst we're on the subject of fantasy worlds.. there'd obviously be a cosmetic surgeon who could make me look like Cheryl Cole, a Doctor who could extract my shyness and replace it with a big vat of confidence and a dating agency who could have Zac Efron, Nick Jonas and Robert Pattinson all begging for my number...

Anyway, before I get a bit too carried away with that particular fantasy and induce a hypo with the excitement, I'll get back to the point of this particular entry.

Basically a break away from this disease would be a dream come true. But diabetes never takes a holiday. It's always occupying a portion of my mind. It makes me think about what I'm eating, what I can't eat, how I'm feeling; hypo? hyper?, it makes me think about what I'm doing, whether I've got enough supplies in my bag, basically everything I do affects my sugars and I always have to consider them to keep myself well. I completely recognise that the blessing with diabetes is that it's controllable. The downside of that I guess is that it's you that has to put the effort in to control it. And the diabetes just isn't sympathetic to the fact that it's your birthday, or that you'd like a holiday, or that you're just having a particularly crappy day. Most of the time I keep on top of it, but sometimes, typical lazy teenager that I am, I can't even be bothered to make my bed or do anything other than watch my Glee box set on the couch, never mind be bothered to monitor what my blood sugars are doing.

To continue the fantasy holiday theme, and also to echo the game the boys were playing last night, you know "if you could sleep with 5 celebrities..." Well, these are the 5 things I would love most about a holiday from my lovely type one.

1) I'd be able to eat chocolate buttons and mini eggs and maltesers and ben and jerrys as much as I wanted and I'd just be able to eat when I was hungry and not just eat for the sake of keeping my sugars up.

2) I'd be able to go out with my friends and drink and dance and drink and dance some more without having to worry a single bit about my sugars, hypos or hypers.

3) I'd be able to give several parts of my body a break... my fingers a break from the constant pricking, my tummy a break from injections, and mainly my mind a rest from all the worrying I do about it.

4) I'd be able to go to sleep without any worries about nighttime hypos and I'd have a big break from the dreaded bran flakes before bed.

5) I'd be able to stop being such a massive mood killer... being in the middle of erm, something, with erm, someone and then stopping to check for a hypo... not sexy. ;)

And, the list could go on.

But, I may as well accept that there's no magical holiday fairy who'll take it from me for a few days. It's part of me now. I'm diabetic. I have diabetes. I have type one. Whatever way I put it, it all means the same thing...

My diabetes and I; Best Friends Forever.


Ps. In other news. My best friend decided to get me a lifesize cardboard cutout of R-Pattz for my 19th. Cardboard boyfriends have their good and bad points I've got to say. I mean, he'd be no good in a crisis, he's a bit hard, cold and 2D to be good at cuddles and I'm forever jealous that he doesn't have a blood sugar to monitor. On the other hand, he doesn't argue with me, so I'm always right, he doesn't smell at all and he's definitely a lot more hygienic than most non cardboard boyfriends...

Well, yesterday I left you with a very meaningful exercise for the day, and I do hope that telling your friends just how much they mean to you went well by the way. Today It's very simple.

Cardboard boyfriends?
Or real, living, breathing, smelling boyfriends?
I'll leave you with that.


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