Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Every Little Helps.

Hello hello,

Very good clinic appointment this morning. It was really nice to see my lovely diabetic nurse and made extra pleasing by the fact that she held good news. She said she was very proud of my progress and impressed with how well I was coping and it always makes me happy when people recognise how hard I'm trying to be a "good" diabetic. Hba1c is 6.3, so theres still a little room for it to go up. I'm dropping my morning insulin to 7 units and I'm going to put the basal bolus regime on hold for a little while; why fix whats's not broken eh? Two injections a day is working so I'm satisfied that sticking with it until uni is probably the best idea. All other bloods / blood pressure was fine and I've feel like I've been showered with a bit of confidence that I'm actually managing type one very well so far.

I feel refreshingly reassured.

What a very smiley start to a day.


Ps. Goal set by my dsn; test less! I'm gong to do my bit for my fingers (poor, hard finger ends from all the pricking), my mind (stressing too much over sugar's is NOT good for it), and the environment (I go through a shockingly large amount of little plastic strips each week,) and stop testing so much! I'm determined to cut it down. So, if you see me with the pricker poised and fumbling about with my strips please ask me exactly why I'm testing and I may just rethink and not test... as tesco's say "Every little helps."


Siobhan said...

congrats on the awesome hba1c! as long as you're happy that your glucose levels are stable whilst on 2 injections a day (i was on 2 a day for YEARS!) then go for it.

how often are you testing? it is important to test regularly to ensure your levels are behaving themselves, but as you say you don't want to over-do it - you'll work out what's good for you :)

shiv x

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