Friday, 14 May 2010

Hello :)

Hello lovely people reading my blog (if any such people actually exist..) But, if you are then I'm going to say Thankyou in advance, and also sorry for being very boring and rambling a lot!

I'm completely new to this, having never written a blog before, but I was inspired to start writing by some other diabetes blogs I've been reading recently. Also I'd just like to thank the authors of those little gems because they've been very helpful to me over the past few weeks which have been well... emotional.

So... a quick introduction to me I guess. (A bullet point list might persuade me to be a bit less rambly...)

- I'm Laura, I'm 19 and live in a village near Durham.
- I'm off to Durham university in September to study applied psychology.
- I got a place at Oxford university in 2009, had a disastrous first term which ended with 3 weeks of a lot of drinking, weeing, sleeping and crying and a return home for the christmas holidays to a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Needless to say, I didn't return to Oxford and, although the diabetes was a factor considered in the decision, it definitely wasn't the main reason, so I can't blame it for that.
- I'm currently on two injections of Novomix 30 twice a day (8 units each), hopefully changing to basal bolus within the next month.
- So, I've been living with type 1 for about 6 months now. Most of the time we get along just fine but recently the very harsh reality of it has been hitting me and I've become a bit of an emotional wreck, or, more accurately, just a bit of a wet blanket (I mean, I've never been dry eyed at the end of the notebook, or the titanic, but you definitely know that something's wrong when you find yourself crying at a very normal episode of Emmerdale. :S)

The blog is the product of needing some sort of outlet for all of this and also from being inspired by other diabetes blogs I have read recently. I'm sure this will please my family, friends, boyfriend and colleagues who often get to see the messy end of one of my blubbing sessions and have to bear the brunt of my rants and moans.

So, I'm definitely not promising to be good at this. I have an AS level in English and a pile of diaries under my bed, but that's the extent of my writing career. So bare with me.... I hope you enjoy reading.

Thankyou :)


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